Below you'll find a selection of the stories I had the pleasure of illustrating in the past years. Think my style might suit your next project? I am actively looking for new work at this time. I'd love if you dropped me a message!

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Roboter Träumen nicht

The Last Human

Written by Lee Bacon, published by Loewe (2021), with Cover Design by Michael Dietrich.

The Last Human is the story of just-created robot XR_935 who lives in a world once ruled by humans. Now, robots have established an idyllic society for themselves. There is no more war, no more hunger, no more greed - and no more humans. XR_935 thinks this might be for the best, until one day, he and his friends discover Emma. 

The group decides to help the girl on her mission to save humankind, and learn along the way that they are not so different.

Lukey Dave and the Tower to the Moon

Written by Jeremy Zaborowski, to be published by Puppy Dogs and Icecream.

Little Lukey Dave is bored. He doesn't want to play with any of his old toys. That is until he decides to use his blocks to build a tower to the moon!


Little Tim and the Magical Apple Tree

Written by Hillie Jeffery

Little Tim is too tiny to play with his friends. But a magical apple tree helps him become brave, kind, and confident.


Don't Eat Cake with Monsters

Written by Kent A. LeFevre, Square Plate Media

Riley has a problem - there are more monsters under his bed than he can count.