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Nathalie Kranich is a German born children's book illustrator. At age 16, she got on a train to come to the UK and has been living and working there since.


Nathalie's work has always been inspired by her love for creative writing and storytelling. She adores history and fairytales and seeks to bring engaging characters to life through illustration.


Since starting her grand adventure in England, Nathalie has completed a degree in Digital Arts and worked in mobile games. Since 2019, she works independently as a Children's Book Illustrator.

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Clients and Work
  • Loewe (January, 2021): "Roboter Träumen Nicht" / The Last Human, Cover and Black and White Vignettes

  • Loewe (January, 2022 - August 2024): "Die KüstenCrew" / The Coastal Crew by Ocke Bandixen, Volumes 1-5, Covers, Vignettes and full-page riddle illustrations

  • Oetinger (2023-2024): "Finsterwelt" by Katharina Herzog, Volumes 1-3, Covers and Vignettes

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